How bicyclist reached 10,000-mile goal while working, relocating

Well, yeah, I’ve got a few 10,000+ mile years in the last decade but even I wouldn’t say27.39 miles a day is easy. My daily ride is 30 miles. Usually that means 31 or 32 but plenty of times I ride around my short neighborhood loop to top off at just 30 miles. You ride everyday without a break and 27.39 mikles is going to start feeling tough.

I lke to take at least one or two days a week off. I come back rreally refreshed and eager to be rolling again. –Corrie


“I think I can summarize it like this, physically speaking it isn’t that hard. You only have to average 27.39 miles a day. Which is something almost any avid cyclist can handle. Even if you ride only 5 days a week, taking the weekend off, you only need to average 38.31 miles a day, which again, is not that difficult.”

via Biking Bis – Bicycle Touring :: How bicyclist reached 10,000-mile goal while working, relocating.

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