Fix that Flat

A flat always is an occasion for hoots and derisive remarks. Even when you are out by yourself, there’s a twinge in teh belly? Will I be able to fix this?

This guy seems a bit more than inconvienced by a bike flat. He should take the TRC fix-a-flat class on March 20th.–corrie


Changing a flat tire on a bicycle is worse than being a turkey on Thanksgiving.  There.  Done.  Now we can talk about this painful experience that we suffer through silently at unpredictable intervals.  Changing out a flat on a bicycle sucks monkey tits.  Although I can change a bike tire if my life depends on it (so please to not be shooting) my life does not usually depend on bicycle tire swappage so mostly I strike out.

via Chafe City: the elephant in my bicycling room.

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