One Speed: Go!: Bicycle Commuting is Sneaking One In

As the usual Sunday Cycling Society group pedaled back to the boat launch last Sunday, Bill Arnold caught us on his commuter. Huffing and Puffing, he complained how hard it had been to catch us on “this bike.”

Bill’s been commuting daily to work. Since he works some weekends, he had been unable to join us for this Sunday’s ride. He takes the long way home in the evening which explains why he was headed to Southway. He only gets a few miles each day, but it makes a difference. Those miles add up and the fitness comes with them.

But it isn’t the fitness that motivates the commuter who writes the blog below. Read on to find out his secret reason for cycling. Hint: I agree.

Confession time. I trust this will remain just between us, OK? Because this is rather, um, indiscreet of me to reveal something like this, but I feel that the time has come for a little more openness in our relationship, a little more candor. Some honesty about this whole bicycle commuting thing. Yes, I will now reveal it! The Real Reason I commute by bicycle!

via One Speed: Go!: Bicycle Commuting is Sneaking One In.

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