Do we need Safe-Routes-to School?

The Bike Nazi speaks to motorist frustration with  bicyclists and  bemoans the lack of bicycle instruction–a Safe Routes to School–curriculum in Idaho.

I just returned from a Safe Routes to School training session in Benton City. Washington State has the same problem as Idaho. About 24 Washington School Districts signed on to a Safe Routes to School grant that provide bikes, matirials, and instruction. But it is a grant.  Grants dry up; grants start with enthusiasm and fade into disuse.

Washington Eastside legislators are no help. We don’t have the money for everything. We have to prioritize. This is what I’ve been told. We need to fully fund education. We can’t afford these nice-to-have programs. I asked how many teachers he was going to hire with savings from the Safe Routes to School program. I got no answer.

Yet, we cry about the growing obesity rate in America while busing our children front-step-to school step. What will be the health costs of our increasing waist lines?


“Bikers want to share the road but not the rules of the road. I dont think it should be entirely up to the motorist to look out for bikers. They should also look out for themselves and obey the same rules. There is no difference between them and us except they are the ones that will be the fatality in an accident.”

via The Bike Nazi: Bike article follow-up.

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