Bicycle Art.

Mostly I just ride. I like my bike. do I love it? I doubt it. But there are those among us who seem to have an unnatural relationship with bicycles. You know who you are! Gary, for example, studies bicycle compnentry for fun. I imgange Gary would enjoy these drawings. yes, drawings. There is a set of 10. Proceeds go to the artists family defray cost of a child with leukemia.–Corrie

Jon Grant has worked as an illustrator, designer, and printer all of his professional life. He is fascinated with riding and the mechanical aspects of classic bicycles, so naturally, he can’t resist drawing them. We offer prints of his original ink drawings here. Offset printed in dense, black ink on white, acid-free, Bristol cover. Printed in USA. Unmounted prints are seven inches square; archival-matted prints are eight inches square. Unmounted, $25; matted, $35. FREE SHIPPING! All proceeds from the sale of this print and the other prints goes directly to the artist to help his family while they deal with the loss of their son, Auggie, to leukemia. For more information, see …

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