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I don’t pretend to be car free though I do run small errands enroute on my daily bike ride. But getting the groceries just doesn’t seem practical especially when groceries means big bags of cat food or two flats of pop from Costco. Even with a trailer, I don’t think I’d like to get the groceries on a bike.

But if it looks practical to you to cut down on car miles by adding a few pieces of gear to your bike, $4 gas might be just the incentive you need to get started. Here’s a quickstart guide.–Corrie

I write on this here blog every week, preaching to the choir about bike commuting. Meanwhile I have utterly failed to make the case to my own bride.

So I’ve begun to acquire some accessories I like to call marital aids. My hope is to reduce the burdens on my wife down to the basic burdens of being married to me.

Here they are:

via Marital Aids | Commute by Bike.

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