Phone Cases and Phone Mounts

Oh, yeah, I carry my phone. I used to have a phone I used only on the bike.


Now I’ve moved up to a smart phone which I can’t use on the bike. Can’t even really see it outside at all. It is bulky and requires two hands to operate.


I miss my old flip out phone. I could whip it out of my jersey pocket, flip it open and continue riding. Now I have to stop, fumble in my pocket, fight with the smart tech that doesn’t want to wake up, and miss the call anyway.

Call it a feature not a flaw. Shouldn’t be talking on the phone and riding at the same time anyway.–Corrie


If you’re like me, you never ride your bike without having your phone with you.  You’re either on your way somewhere where you’ll need it (like work or school) or else you carry it in case of a mechanical problem, thunderstorm or some other challenge.  Or else you just carry it with you all the time, no matter what, even in places like the shower because we’re all 21st century nerds and can’t do anything without our electronic tether.

via Phone Cases and Phone Mounts.

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