The Bike Nazi: Transportation costs – up, up, up!

With gas prices rising again, we may see more interest in bicycling both as recreation and as transportation. There are those who live for statistics. If you are one, click through to the Houseing and Transportation site, plug in your city and get all sorts of minutia regarding housing and transportation costs.–Corrie

The CNT suggests that housing expense should ideally be less than 30% of your household income. But they go on to say that housing AND TRANSPORTATION expense combined, should ideally be less than 45% of that same income. In other words… it might make more economic sense to buy a more expensive house that’s less expensive to get to, than a cheaper house that costs a lot to get to. They have a cool but somewhat unsettling website… it has two “zoomable” maps of populated areas. On the left is a map that highlights where housing expense is more than 30% of income. On the right is another map of the same area, that highlights where housing and transportation expense combined exceed 45% of income.

via The Bike Nazi: Transportation costs – up, up, up!.

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