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Bill and Gary continue to hurt me as they spin off on their new bikes. What’s the deal with that? I’ve lost weight; I’ve got a carbon bike? Seems they’ve got favorable gearing. Now i don’t want Gary’s double crank set up but I might need the additional teeth he’s using for a top speed.

Here’s another option-how about a new technology for smoothing the road? Supposed to make you stronger by making the ride easier.

I have a  bridge I’d be glad to sell you too. But wait that’s what I told Dave and Gary and Bill before they all started to hurt me with new bikes.–corrie

Trek’s target demographic is me, the MAMIL (middle aged man in lycra) who appreciates a little more flexibility in the bike frame as our own biological frames begin to lose their flex. This might also be a nod to the crumbling transportation infrastructure in the United States. Many of the roads I ride are teeth chattering bone breakers that look like they’ve been cratered with American runway bombs and Taliban IEDs.

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