Across the country on bicycle — in 1923 – The York Daily Record

Imagine working your way across the US with only your bicycle and a bed roll. Those today who do it with Adventure Cycling’s maps, a gps, and a credit card, have it easy. Oh, and it isn’t that Arthur Miller.–corrie

Lois Yingling had heard about the trip all of her life, the time her father, Arthur Miller, and a friend, Earl Hagerman, lit out for the territories, riding their bicycles across the country. It was family lore, a legend passed down by the generations.

She didn’t know much about the trip — until recently — and didn’t know much about her father, only that he was an athletic young man and that people thought highly of him.

via Across the country on bicycle — in 1923 – The York Daily Record.

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  1. April 26, 2012 at 7:25 pm

    Like you said, we’ll have an iPhone to guide us across the U.S, (Luckily no Credit Cards) but me and two friends are riding from LA to Boston this summer! Something to tell our grandkids!

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