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Here’s another cross-country ride for charity blog. This should be fun to watch. They are just getting started and are pretty much bike novices.–corrie


Hello world, and welcome to our blog! It is here that we will bring you all of the exciting news from our adventure across the country on our bicycles. We will post pictures, videos, stories, and whatever else we think you might find entertaining. We plan to set off on May 6th, 2012, but before we set off we need to find a charity to support. So help us out, please! If you know of any awesome charities that we could potentially fundraise for, let us know!!!! Send us an email, comment on something of ours, post on our Facebook page, call us, text us, send us a smoke signal, something! Well I guess that is all for now. Keep an eye out for more news about our trip. Thank you!

via mikeandjordanadventure (plus sam) | 1 country, 70 days, 3 bikes.

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