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I’ve always thought this was strange thing to think about in relation to bicycling. I’ve always just dropped my wallet in my right jersey pocket. No worries aobut having cash enough to cover lunch let alone an emergency. And my cards are in there too. I understand the first responders won’t go into your wallet for identification so I wear my Road ID.

As the temps warm up, you may need more than money for a GatorAde out on the road. Now is the time to start thinking about sunscreen as well as hydration. It isn’t the sun you get today that’s the worry. It’s the sun you’ve had in the past. Say,, what is that dark spot on your cheek?–Corrie

I was reminded during last weekend’s ride that I’ve been negligent lately in attending to a detail all bikers should address when going out on a ride: carry money.

via Money! | Bike Noob.

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