The Slacker’s Guide to Bike Commuting | Commute by Bike

May is bike month, but if you’re also a bit of a slacker perhaps these tips will get you on your bike and out of your car a couple of tiems.–Corrie

This article isn’t for the detail-oriented bike commuters. It’s also not for the hardcore, race-to-work riders either.

This one is for those of us that don’t like to plan ahead. Bike maintenance isn’t our thing. We consider rain showers wash-day for our bikes. And we certainly aren’t using our daily commute as training for a race.

Commuting by bike is first and foremost supposed to be fun. Gas prices, ‘going green’ and health reasons can get people into bike commuting, but it’s the daily enjoyment that keeps us in the saddle day after day. And let’s face it, planning ahead and wearing Lycra doesn’t sound much like fun to a good many of us.

via The Slacker’s Guide to Bike Commuting | Commute by Bike.

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