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Roger Staats was complainig of shimmy on Bil Arnold’s old bike. I think he had some stem adjustments and the problem seem to have gone away.

My first experience with shimmy was on my Bianchi coming down the second hill on Double Trouble during an Autum Century. I’m not much of a descender to begin with and a shaking front end didn’t help.

Turns out Sean new exactly what the problem was–bad cones. of course the SAG didn’t have cone wrenches. I rode that wobbly wheel for about 20 miles.

The second time was the result of trying to put a second pair of gloves over the lighter ones I was already wearing. We’d gotten caught in a rainstorm comign  out of Pullman. By the time we go to the top of the grade, it was nearly dark and we were wet and very cold.

My double glove stunt was a mistake. I got two pair on but that only reduced blood flow. I began to shiver so badly that it transferred to the frame and I thought I had bad cones again.–Corrie


My worst crash happened the first year I rode seriously. East of my Colorado town, Cerro Summit rises 4 miles to a long ridge. Today the road is wide and gently curving, but back then it was narrow with tight bends. I was following an experienced rider on the descent and figured the way to learn how to go downhill was to do what he did.

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