A Roadie’s Story: Riding Paris-Roubaix | Road Bike Rider

Some people like to travel; some like to tour. So why not try a famous ride like Paris-Roubaix?–corrie

The Pave Has Arrived

The first sector of Pave came abruptly after a sharp turn in the road and was a shock to mind and body alike. Yes, this was why I was here, but, bang, bang, bang the wheels hit the cobblestones, that felt like mountains. How could these lumps of square rock with smooth, rounded tops, be so hard?

My first instinct was to grab the brakes and secondly wonder what had happened to my eyes, I couldn’t see with any sharpness or focus. My brain, eyes, calves and biceps were like jelly on a vibrating plate.

via A Roadie’s Story: Riding Paris-Roubaix | Road Bike Rider.

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