Weight loss and Water

I’ve lost a lot of weight this year. Trying to keep it off is actually more difficult as my mileage increases. Yes, when I ride centuries and can eat pretty much anything I want, but the trick is to ignore that cnetury-appetite in the days following a long ride.

And I’ve definnite;u seem tjos water retention problem. For me, though, the extra weight either goes away quickly or I may not see the difference in weight after the ride. That’s better than seeing a drop–If you see that drop, you are not eating and drinking correctly. You should finish at about the same weight you started.–Corrie


You rode 170 miles in 2 days at an average speed around 15 mph. You ate and drank just enough. You were excited about the opportunity to do consecutive long rides because you want to lose 10 pounds and certainly 170 miles would incinerate plenty of body fat.

via Issue No. 530: A Roadie’s Story – Riding Paris-Roubaix | Road Bike Rider.

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