Bicycle Alliance of Washington: USBRS: Inspired to Get Involved

Imagine a system of routes clearly marked for cycling along with side trips for the explorer? It is happening now in Washington State and around the US.–corrie

“Washington is a great place to bicycle, with diverse climates and breathtaking views,” said Barb. “My husband Andy and I want to both explore the state from the seat of our bikes, and then share  our experiences so that others will see the state in a new way.  The cool thing about the USBRS is that we’ll be able to keep right on riding into Idaho on the bike route system, or down the coast into Oregon.  Eventually we’ll be able to follow signed routes all over the country just like we did in Scotland.  We rode for days just following the signs.”

via Bicycle Alliance of Washington: USBRS: Inspired to Get Involved.

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