Issue No. 531: Pre-Flight, Check, Part 1 | Road Bike Rider

The League of American Bicyclists recommends an ABCQuickCheck berfore every ride. This checklist is a bit more thorough. I recommend the ABQuickCheck. It takes only a few seconds and will reveal that your bike might need more attention. If you ride infrequently, it is even more important to have a checklist before you ride. You can learn more about being ready to ride on our education page. –Corrie

We roadies may not get airborne on our bikes like our knobby-tired friends do, but we do fly down hills and reach dangerous speeds with ease. And, in my experience as a shop and race/event mechanic, I know that many roadies forget to check their bicycles and just hop on and hit the road.

via Issue No. 531: Pre-Flight, Check, Part 1 | Road Bike Rider.

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