A Change of Biking Pace — The Catrike | Bike Noob

Time was i looked around and found I was the odd man out with my traditional two-wheeler. I miss riding with Cliff and Dave on their recumbents.–Corrie

Recumbent bikes come in two- and three-wheeled versions. The three-wheelers can have either two wheels in the rear — a “delta” — or two wheels in front — a “tadpole.” I think it’s safe to say, without any empirical corroboration, that the “tadpole” trike is the favored variety. A seat (and it’s properly called a “seat” and not a saddle, because you sit in it like a chair) is slung in the middle. The pedals are mounted on a boom that sticks out in front. The resulting balance is excellent — and you don’t have to be moving forward to stay upright.

via A Change of Biking Pace — The Catrike | Bike Noob.

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