Adventure Cycling Association: How Hard Is That Tour?

Linda and I will once again do a week long tour, this time in Montana. Cycle Montana is one of Adventure Cycling’s fully supported tours. For the more adventurous there are many off-road, self-contained tours as well. If you seek the thrill of being off the grid and sulf-supported, then you might like those. Pesonally I like it when my meals are prepared, my showers planned and my baggage delivered.

Of course there’s always that nagging question, “Can I do it?” Yeah, you could find a tour you couldn’t do. Say one of these 14 day ride across the USA things might qualify. Some how I don’t thing Cycle Montana is going to be too taxing. They rank it as an physically intermediate ride and a technically easy ride.

How hard is that tour? This is a common question we receive in the tours office at Adventure Cycling. Our tours are rated according to difficulty in two ways: one for general difficulty and one for technical difficulty. Our general difficulty rating involves factors such as distance, terrain, and altitude. Our technical difficulty is most relevant to our dirt-based tours, as well as our road tours that involve carrying gear for extended periods or have more challenging road conditions, such as minimal shoulders, steep descents, and rougher surfaces. For all of our tours, we recommend that you are comfortable on your bike, that your bike fits you well, and that you can remain cheerful on your bicycle during back-to-back days of touring and sightseeing.

via Adventure Cycling Association: How Hard Is That Tour?.


Here is What AC means by intermediate:

INTERMEDIATE: Characterized by rolling terrain and medium-distance days (40-60 miles). Intermediate tours can involve some climbing, but the climbs are usually shorter (1-2 miles), and the grade tends to be no greater than 6% for an extended period. These tours are best for individuals who are regular or semi-regular cyclists and, like our Beginner+ tours additional mileage can be added for those who desire an extra challenge. 



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