Make Bulk Bicycle Tube Patch Kits

Didn’t know you could make your own patch with an old tube. Seems to be keeping your cement soft would be the sticky wicket. A lot of trouble for a patch that’s likely a bit thicker than normal and with my luck won’t stick any way. Still interesting–Corrie

Last year I helped organize and prepare my Venture (scout) company to go on a 200km cross country bike trip along the Kettle Valley Railway. Once everyone (10+ people) had a suitable bike and panniers (saddle bags), and cooking and cleaning equipment the only things left was to maintain about 8 bikes that were bought from local classifieds and un-tested. Buying 20 (two each for good measure) patch kits would not have been terribly expensive, but saving any cost is always good. Besides all the things that are in a patch kit were laying around my house.

via Make Bulk Bicycle Tube Patch Kits.

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