Women Who Ride: April Economides

Bite the Bullet had many new faces, mostly male. That’s great to see. Recently I’ve been on some club rides where women out-numbered the men.

The women in our group are as diverse in their purposes in riding as are the men. Nationally we are seeing an effort to encourage more women to join in cycling.

Of course, if you are a TRC member on a club ride (one that is on the calendar), you already have liability coverage through the club. You also have accident coverage if you don’t have a policy of your own. If you do have your policy, the club’s will pick up other costs like deductibles which your  policy doesn’t cover. Join a club and ride with them!–corrie

Like many kids, I learned to ride a bike at age six, with a parent or grandparent holding onto the back of my seat until that magical moment when they let go and I kept on riding. It’s one of my clearest memories from childhood, and I think it’s because of the exhilarating feeling of freedom and independence it gave me.

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