You Don’t Know Sweat, Jack! | Commute by Bike

Yeah, it is hot, but if you start early, don’t dawdle away good cycling time, and are fit, you can ride even in the LCValley in August. Still, we like to go up the hill for a 10 degree differential. fortunately we do not live in a humid climate. This article does a good job of laying out the risks of heat exhaustion.–Corrie


However, the people who really know their sweat are the folks who live somewhere along the coast of the Gulf of Mexico, or anybody anywhere on the Florida peninsula. If you live in one of those places, you can actually watch the mold growing on your stuff; like something out of a B-movie: Attack of the Killer Fungus. The high humidity for you Kings of Perspiration keeps the Heat Index (H.I.) up at stratospheric heights.

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