Adventure Cycling Association: Join Our Team on the Climate Ride!


Charity rides depress me, especially those which won’t let you ride unless you gather a given amount in contributions.


Here’s a week long tour in California that looks pretty awesome. Registration is only75 but the minimum contribution is $2400. That let’s me out. I doubt I’d get $24 from my friends.


Be sure to click through to see the ride information on the actual ride website.–Corrie

Still this invitation is from Adventure Cycling to join their team.

You’re invited to join us for Climate Ride, the epic 5-day pedaling adventure in California. The best part is that you can help Adventure Cycling Association while you’re doing it! Right now we’re recruiting members for our new team on the California ride. You can be part of the fun and raise funds for Adventure Cycling at the same time.

via Adventure Cycling Association: Join Our Team on the Climate Ride!.

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