Holding your line while looking back!

This takes practice and flexibility. In addition to relaxing the right arm when looking over your left shoulder, you might also let go with the left hand and put it on your left thigh.


All in all, it isn’t the looking back you want to accomplish. It is the communication with approaching traffic. Wear a mirror. You can look in the mirror and watch your line pretty easily. Does that mean you don’t need to look over your shoulder? No. Looking over the shoulder alerts the driver behind you that you may be about to do something. Communicate. –Corrie

How Can I Look Back Without Veering?


I’m fairly new to road riding and one technique eludes me. I can’t look behind without veering several feet to the left, into traffic. Any tips? — Gerard S.

via Issue No. 537: Impressions from the 2012 Tour, Part 1 | Road Bike Rider.

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