Pacific Crest Trail tour

Pacific Crest Tour is a road bike event. It lasts 14 days. That’s a bit longer than I’d like to live out of a tent. Now about that average of 100 miles and 6,000 feet of climbing per day . . . .Corrie

Coach Fred recently returned home to Colorado after doing PacTours Pacific Crest Tour — 14 days, 1,509 miles 2,429 km and over 85,000 feet 25,908 m of climbing from Everett, Washington, to Reno, Nevada. Following is his description of PacTours first-ever tour in the Pacific Northwest.My wife and I drove to the start of the tour from Colorado with our tandem and stopped in Sisters, Oregon, to ride the north side of McKenzie Pass. Its beautiful, with a massive lava field on top and views of 4 or 5 volcano-like mountains in a circle around the pass. I was interested in the climb because we were slated to ride over it from the opposite side on a 120-mile day in the tour. Nothing like scouting the passes in advance!  I can see why Radio Shack pro Chris Horner lives in nearby Bend — beautiful roads and challenging terrain.

via Issue No. 538: Product Review – Limar 777 Superlight Helmet | Road Bike Rider.

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