Century Mistakes to Avoid |

We’ve got the Wild Wallace Weekend coming up and the Joseph Retro ride as well as the Southfork Sashay and then there’s the Tour de Lentil metric century. You’ll want to make sure you don’t make any of these easy mistakes before starting out.–Corrie

Disclaimer: Please don’t get the idea I’m picking on anyone on the ride or putting anyone down. If you can do the SCMC metric century, century or double century — or any century for that matter, you have my full respect. Also, I’ve ridden gobs of centuries and made every mistake myself. My only goal here is to help you avoid some common ones so you can enjoy your century, as August, September and October are big century months in many places. Here are five things to avoid out there.

via Issue No. 539: Mountain Riding Tips, Century Mistakes to Avoid | Road Bike Rider.

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