Advocacy Advance – MAP21

Okay, this is for the hardcore bicycle infrastructure advocate.

As a cyclist you are probably aware that the Senate has produced a new transportation funding bill called MAPI-21. As you might expect, the new plan is less specific about alternative modes of transporation like walking and cycling which means local governments may choose to ignore those needs.

Here’s a resource you might study in little pieces over time to get a better grasp on what MAPI21 will mean to cylists.–Corrie



We are not going to let 20 years of progress in biking and walking come to a halt! It’s true that the new federal transportation bill — MAP-21 — has slashed guaranteed funding for biking and walking. But Advocacy Advance is committed to ensuring that states and local governments use every opportunity in the new law to increase the safety and convenience of biking and walking.

via Advocacy Advance – MAP21.

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