Training–tech or perceived exertion?

Paul has gotten into cycling in a big way and is still a long way from knowing what he can do on a  ride. Heart Rate monitors area  popular training tool, but I like what Matheny says about “perceived exertion.” If you are competitive cyclist training for a race,  use the tech, but otherweise stay with perceived exertion and alternate hard and easy days.–corrie

True confession: all these heart rate formulas confuse me, too. If there were a “perfect” range for training and recovery rides, it seems like the experts would agree. In fact, no such ideal heart rate exists. That’s because heart rate for a given power output varies from day to day depending on your state of hydration, mental condition, whether you’re overtrained or fresh, and environmental conditions such as heat and humidity.

via Issue No. 540: 3-Step Brake Tune-Up | Road Bike Rider.

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