Webinar Recording: ABCs of MAP-21

You know that budgets are tight and you know that a new transportation bill called MAP-21 has passed. But unless you are more comfortable reading dense pdf’s and decoding lines of legalese, you probably have only a vague idea of what MAP-21 will actually mean. Yes, funding has been cut by almost 40% for alternative trans;portation projects but I was pleased to discover that there’s soome pretty good stuff int he bill for cyclists including an oopportunity to open up some new modes of funding.


The first 28 minutes of this video does a good job of outlining what MAP21 actually says. Watch the video or download the powerpoint slides. You’ll miss the audiotry track but you can scan through the slides quicker. I’d say watch the 28 minutes.

I’ll put a link on our Advocacy page as well so you can find thiw whenever you want.

The first of the Navigating MAP-21 webinar series, “The ABCs of MAP-21″ explained the basics of the new law, what it means for bicyclists and how we can harness the opportunities to fund biking and walking projects and programs.



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