The Gear Seer – Understanding your Bike Drivetrain – BikeHacks

Uh, my eyes are glazed over but I just can’t shake the feeling that this might be useful to know.–corrie


I have never been much of a mechanic and technical knowledge of bicycles is certainly not my forte. Thus I started a site called “Bike Hacks” and not one called “Sophisticated, Reasoned, and Technically Sound Bike Modifications.” One thing I have never paid much attention to are the drive trains on my bicycles. I do what I believe is the most important thing, lube the chains frequently, but truth be told, I have been riding with the same chain on one of my bikes for 16 years. I am sure the bike mechanics out there just winced when reading that last sentence.

via The Gear Seer – Understanding your Bike Drivetrain – BikeHacks.

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