Adventure Cycling Association: Shifting Technique: Training Intuition

“I’m about to shift down,” I shouted back at Paul who was a bit too close behind me as we hit the steep climb on the 8Lakes ride this year. I wanted to drop to my granny ring in front, but was worried that at the pace we were holding, there’d be too much pressure on the chain to make it happen. And I was right. No granny gear for me. I had to stand and standing meant my pace slowed more than anticipated. Good thing I warned Paul.

Here are some good tips on making those smooth shifts.–Corrie

As we roll in to the waning of the warm, I wanted to take the time to review some basic, but often overlooked, elements of shift/pedal technique.  These tips should help maximize one’s efficiency while minimizing discomfort and mechanical discord.

via Adventure Cycling Association: Shifting Technique: Training Intuition.

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