Keep Your Wheels Turning: New Insurance Options for Bicyclists

One of the benefits of membership in TRC is the clubs insurance plan which provides liability insurance to the club and to indidividuals on club sanctioned rides. In addition, club members get a supplemental accident policy as well. This kicks in if you have no accident coverage of your own, or after your own has paid, this might pick up the deductibiles.


But what about just being out on your own on a bike? What if you injure someone? Does your homeowner policy cover that? It might. But maybe you’ll wnt to take a look at these four packages just for cyclists.–Corrie

In my two years as the League’s membership director, I have gotten many questions about insurance for individual cyclists.  Until recently, there has been nothing specific for cyclists, and the coverages that apply to cyclists come from a patchwork of different policies that can vary wildly by insurer.

My answer, until recently, has been “contact your insurer, and find out what coverage you have.”  So in writing about the new insurance available to cyclists, I began by calling my own insurance agent to find out what coverage applies when I’m on my bike.

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