Triggering a green light!

I regularly pass through the green light at the intersection at the east end of Lewiston just where the levee bypass starts. It is a busy intersection and I usually have no trouble with getting a green light. However, if traffic is light, I may have to wait sometime. In fact, that light may never detect me on its own. If I wait long enough a vehicle is likely to come up behind me. I like to move up into the cross walk a bit and signal the driver to come closer so that the light will detect his vehicle. That works. I could also get off my bike, push the cross walk button and walk across the street. Not a very satisfying solution.

In Washington State for the last several years it has been the law that new traffic lights must recognize bicycles. That’s why the lights on Bridge in Clarskton do recognize my bike and turn green for me. They will fo r you too–but . . .

You’ve got to have your front wheel on the X formed where the parts of the loop detector come together. Ours are boxes rather than loops like the one in the video. Look closely and you’ll see the box style loops in the video too. I can’t seem to persuade cyclists that the wheel has to be on the X, on the line; not just close. There seems almost a reluctance to put a wheel where it will be recognoized.


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