Review – Revive Solar ReStore XL + battery and solar charger

I don’t understand the plpularity of using a smart phone like a GPS unit to track and map your rides. My phone gets hot when the GPS unit runs continuously and I know it would never run the 7 to 10 hours I spend doing a century. Even if I remembered to turn it off and on everytime I stopped, I doubt most battery charges would last the 6 to 7 hours it usually takes to ride a century.

When I joined the Crazies for a loaded tour in Death Valley, keeping my gps unit charged was a problem. The unit I bought to charge my gps used batteries and I carred extra batteries. What the literature on teh unit didn’t say was that it would bring the gps unit and the batteries into parity–ie., both at half charge.

David reviews a solar solutiion that he really likes.–Corrie


One of the challenges of any long-distance bike ride (beyond the actual pedaling, of course) is in keeping your phone charged. Most cyclists enjoy using one of the many mapping programs available to track their route and ride stats; however, using GPS drains the battery pretty quick. In fact, while battery life on my iPhone is twelve hours for a normal day, it’s three hours or less when on a ride using GPS or with a mapping app turned on. That’s a bummer given that you probably have both the desire to track a long ride like a century route (100 miles), but still be certain that you have enough battery to be able to make a call home in case of emergency or just to update the family on what time you’ll be back.

via Review – Revive Solar ReStore XL + battery and solar charger.

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