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The case against wearing a helmet?

Yes, fear of helmet hair probably does discourage women and maybe men from cycling. the extra hassle of managing a helmet dampens the chief joy of riding a bike–the freedom.

Rosenthal is talking about bike-sharing programs–not sport or recreation cycling. She sees this as akin to walking rather than driving a vehicle.

But it ihese very low speeds that make a bicycle less stable and more likely to go down. The helmet is designed to protect your head from fairly low speed collisions–the kind you might well receive at speeds of 5mph in a crowded urban environment.

We just are not talking about the same thing. We are mostly recreationalr riders, not transportation cyclists, and surely not pedestrians on two-wheels.

I think I’ll keep my helmet- Corrie



During a recent visit to Paris, New York Times environmental reporter Elisabeth Rosenthal rode a bike from the city’s Velib bike sharing program without a helmet!

And she had an inspiration: bike ridership in the U.S. could increase if people didn’t wear helmets.

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