Riding the smallest bicycle ever! – YouTube

Steve looked a little like this the other day. His saddle had slipped. We played with it but Steve took the bike to B&L where Brice set it up again, ordered a new handlebar and stem and warned Steve to let the knew saddle position settle in for a 100 miles or so. Steve is coming back to the bike with enthusiasm.

We stopped at Black Sheep the other day. Steve is Black Sheep’s primary provider of flies. $1.89 said the sign. “How long does it take you to tie one of those?” I asked scanning bin after bin brimming with furry, fuzzy, little hooks. “30 secs!” He said.

So, if you are interested in fly fishing–Steve’s your man. In the meantime enjoy this tiny bike ride.–Corrie


via Riding the smallest bicycle ever! – YouTube.

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