Bee Sting?

With colder weather upon us we can worry less about bee stings. To be honest I seldom even think about them anymore. I frequently get hit by stining insects when descending Magpie Grade for some reason, but they aren’t bee stings.

But Donna had a reaction to a sting this summer and now carries the epipen. Maybe we should all think a bit more about bee stings.–Corrie


Still, even for the rest of us, bee stings while riding are an unfortunate, largely unavoidable, and nearly inevitable nuisance at the very least. At worst, they can cause extreme swelling and discomfort. Because they happen more often than we would like, and are potentially dangerous, it’s helpful for all riders to refresh our memory on what to do if we’re stung.

via Issue No. 547: Product Review: eoGEAR Top Tube Century Bag | Road Bike Rider.

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