If TRC Night Rides Return . . .

. . . you’re going to want some bright lights. Jim McCracken bought a frame from Nashbar a season or so ago and has recently built it up into a commuter with a generator hub to power his LED head and tail lights.

I last rode in the dark about a decade ago using a heavy bottle cage battery than never seemed to hold a charge. The plugs kept following out in mid-ride leaving me in the dark, too.

Ji’m’s tiny little lights which he claimed were more than adequate for night riding impressed me. Learn more about LED tech in this piece.–Corrie

LED Bicycle Lights have completely changed the cost and safety of riding a bicycle at night. As recently as 2004 the standard light was a halogen bulb bicycle light. The old Halogen technology was about 50% brighter for the same power rating than a regular bulb. With a Halogen bulb you could get six to eight hours of use from a set of C or D batteries and you would get about 150 candle power.

via Technology – Flashing lights: Save Money And Enjoy The Night With LED Bicycle Lights.

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