MapMyRide having significant problems

Some of you don’t even bother to record your daily mileage. My wheels don’t roll if the computer isn’t working. I’m obsessive about mileage but I don’t care much about speed and elevation. I don’t even track heart rate.

I’d love to have my mileage on my phone. Lots of good apps for that, though the phone itself doesn’t have sufficient battery life to really use a a GPS on an all day ride.

I used MapMyRide until I disocovered SportTracks, a desktop application with no online app. It reads from my Garmin nicely and is capable of far more than I’m ever going to want to use. But I don’t get my numbers on my phone to have with me for impressing depressing companions.

Actually, last I checked, there seems to be a movement to create an android app. Can’t wait. In the meantime here are several other options.–Corrie

Do you use any of the bike route mapping tools that are out there?  These nifty programs can track your rides in real time, using an app on your smart phone so you can do a post-ride evaluation to see your time, distance, average speed, actual path taken, etc.

via MapMyRide having significant problems.

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