Why We Don’t Need Rain Bikes Any Longer | Off The Beaten Path

I don’t have fenders. And I don’t ride in the rain, last year’s CHAFE being an exception. I’m not persuaded these aluminum fenders with mudflaps would completely solve the problem of splashup, but they are worth a look.–Corrie


Today, I don’t have a rain bike any longer. Neither do the people with whom I ride. We ride our “good” bikes all year round. It’s not that it rains less in Seattle than it did in previous decades. Nor have we resigned ourselves to riding ugly bikes with gritty drivetrains. It’s just that our good bikes now have aluminum fenders that don’t spoil the lines of the bike, and more importantly, keep the grit and spray off our bikes. We no longer oil our chains after a rainy ride, nor do we overhaul bottom brackets every year. How are our fenders today different from the SKS plastic fenders?

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