Pedal America by Ira David Levy — Kickstarter

Never heard of Pedal America, the TV show? Me neither! But it looks really interesting especially if you’ve an interest in bicycle touring.

So why is the next episode available on KWSU at 2am Tuesday, Dec. 11, 2012?

If you think that it is cool, you might want to come back to KickStarter and kick in some bucks towards a second season? A second season? Who knew about the first?–corrie


Pedal America is the only national television show in the United States that educates and inspires viewers to re-discover the travel, environmental, and health benefits of recreational bicycling. Whether you’re physically abled or challenged, young, single, a couple, or senior citizen, the series showcases cycling as an all-inclusive activity that can build a sense of community. Even noncyclists will discover great travel ideas.

via Pedal America by Ira David Levy — Kickstarter.

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