Bicycle Touring And The Sideways Glance

Linda would drop everything and take off on a cross-country tour any time. Me? . . . Corrie

“There were lots of wonderful, scenic views today, from boiling waves in fractured lava flows, to streams and rivers and bridges, all flowing from the view sideways. And, I’m thinking that the sideways view is the special one. The sideways view is the one that lets you know how fast you are going. The sideways view is the most dangerous, requiring the most skill. ANYONE, can look ahead, for all the good that does you, cause it ain’t real until you are there. And, of course, looking behind has some serious limitations–it’s already done, and unless you learned something from it that is going to help you in the moment, it is either legacy or burden.

All I can say is this: Everything that I saw from my right and left looked pretty good.”

via Bicycle Touring And The Sideways Glance.

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