The Bike Nazi: Not-so-safe safety equipment

Linda and I were driving up 13th after 10pm Saturday night. It is a wide avenue with a parking lane on each side. In addition there are street lights on each corner. But the blocks are long and darkneess fills the middle. What I saw was the reflective pedals on a cruiser bike riding in the gutter.

An older man rode the bike wearing dark clothes and no helmet. He was in the gutter/parking lane rather than on the sidewalk but he was traveling at sidewalk speed.

Probably the sidewalk would have been a safer place to ride but then he didn’t have a headlight either so sidewalks which tend to have mailboxes and driveway cuts at irregular intervals would have been unmanageable.

If he came upon a parked car, I’m sure he’d have looked carefully behind him before riding around it. But if your bike is your transportation, why wouldn’t you light it up?

The law doesn’t require you to have a helmet, but it does require a bright white front light and a red reflector in the rear. He had neither.–Corrie

The days are short and the nights are long. (Global darkening?) As I was bicycling in to work this morning – in almost-dark – I caught an occasional glimpse up ahead of a red light. I assumed it was a taillight on another bicycle. And I was right.

via The Bike Nazi: Not-so-safe safety equipment.

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