Tips for Keeping Feet Warm | Road Bike Rider

I’ve done more cold-weather riding this winter than usual. That’s ’cause we’ve had lots of people going out. But, yes, it is cold. My feet used to be my biggest issue. I seem to have solved that with booties and wool socks, but I don’t go out when it dips below freezing for long. Fingers are another issue. Some of these tips do help, like starting with warm hands.–corrie

I’ve tried every trick imaginable to keep my feet warm during cold-weather rides — larger shoes with 2 pairs of socks, battery-powered socks, spray antiperspirant to reduce sweating, plastic bags to cut wind. But no luck. My frozen feet are always the limiting factor in winter riding. Any tips? — Judy D.

via Tips for Keeping Feet Warm | Road Bike Rider.

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