Cyclist breaks neck — “hangman’s break” says doc

Ken has ridden with TRC several times over the last couple of years. Now you can read his incredible story.


CINCINNATISunbury Press has released Ken Mercurio’s medical memoir Head Over Wheels – A ‘Lucky Stiff’ Turns Tragedy into a Cycling Triumph.

how_fcAbout the Book:
The inspiring story of how a 56-yr-old avid cyclist recovered from a life-threatening bicycling accident to conquer an “impossible” biking tour just 9 months later. On a training ride going 28 mph, Ken’s bike fork suddenly snapped apart, catapulting him onto his head and breaking his neck and six other bones. With pulverized neck vertebrae, his neurosurgeon said it was a miracle he didn’t die or become a quadriplegic. Five vertebrae were surgically fused to save his life, leaving him with a permanently stiff neck and almost no ability to turn his head.

In a momentous twist of fate, Ken had already registered to ride one of the country’s most difficult bike tours, scheduled nine months later. With no idea if he could ever…

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