What an RAF pilot can teach us about being safe on the road

The This makes the point that we only see what we expect to. The mind actually fills in for our eyes. I Corrie http://www.londoncyclist.co.uk/raf-pilot-teach-cyclists/

New Yorkers turn to bicycles in wake of Hurricane Sandy » Biking Bis

Bikes come through for NYorkers.–Corrie


In the devastation left by Hurricane Sandy across the East Coast this week, the bicycle has emerged as the most reliable form of  transportation.

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Noob Mistake: Don’t Brake In a Turn | Bike Noob

And may I add, be particularly careful on wet pavement or bike paths strewn with wet leaves.–corrie

The curve tightened. Since I’d never been on this stretch of road before, I was unprepared for it. I grabbed for the brakes, and applied them.

Dumb. Noob mistake.

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CyclingTraining – Crashing on a bike.mp4 – YouTube

A youth spent in gymnastics and wrestling means my first response to a fall is the tuck and roll. It has saved me from serious injury in each of the falls I have experienced over the last decade. I no longer have anything like the flexibility I once had. Fortuneately the tuck and roll doesn’t require flexibility–Corrie

CyclingTraining – Crashing on a bike.mp4 – YouTube.

If TRC Night Rides Return . . .

. . . you’re going to want some bright lights. Jim McCracken bought a frame from Nashbar a season or so ago and has recently built it up into a commuter with a generator hub to power his LED head and tail lights.

I last rode in the dark about a decade ago using a heavy bottle cage battery than never seemed to hold a charge. The plugs kept following out in mid-ride leaving me in the dark, too.

Ji’m’s tiny little lights which he claimed were more than adequate for night riding impressed me. Learn more about LED tech in this piece.–Corrie

LED Bicycle Lights have completely changed the cost and safety of riding a bicycle at night. As recently as 2004 the standard light was a halogen bulb bicycle light. The old Halogen technology was about 50% brighter for the same power rating than a regular bulb. With a Halogen bulb you could get six to eight hours of use from a set of C or D batteries and you would get about 150 candle power.

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Dutch junction design – safer for cyclists – YouTube

You’ve heard about Amerstand and cycling. How do they make cyling so safe and popular? Take a look–Corrie

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Livin In The Bike Lane: Canadian Study Finds That Riding Without Helmets Could Kill You

TRCers are pretty good about wearing a helmet. I know i’m glad I had one on this spring. But is the helmet the first line of defense? Is infrastructure?–Corrie


A newly published study shows that cyclists who don’t wear helmets are three times as likely to die of a head injury than those that do wear helmets. The lead researcher is quoted in the Globe and Mail:

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Bee Sting?

With colder weather upon us we can worry less about bee stings. To be honest I seldom even think about them anymore. I frequently get hit by stining insects when descending Magpie Grade for some reason, but they aren’t bee stings.

But Donna had a reaction to a sting this summer and now carries the epipen. Maybe we should all think a bit more about bee stings.–Corrie


Still, even for the rest of us, bee stings while riding are an unfortunate, largely unavoidable, and nearly inevitable nuisance at the very least. At worst, they can cause extreme swelling and discomfort. Because they happen more often than we would like, and are potentially dangerous, it’s helpful for all riders to refresh our memory on what to do if we’re stung.

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Cycling Without A Helmet? Mon Dieu! | Here & Now

The case against wearing a helmet?

Yes, fear of helmet hair probably does discourage women and maybe men from cycling. the extra hassle of managing a helmet dampens the chief joy of riding a bike–the freedom.

Rosenthal is talking about bike-sharing programs–not sport or recreation cycling. She sees this as akin to walking rather than driving a vehicle.

But it ihese very low speeds that make a bicycle less stable and more likely to go down. The helmet is designed to protect your head from fairly low speed collisions–the kind you might well receive at speeds of 5mph in a crowded urban environment.

We just are not talking about the same thing. We are mostly recreationalr riders, not transportation cyclists, and surely not pedestrians on two-wheels.

I think I’ll keep my helmet- Corrie



During a recent visit to Paris, New York Times environmental reporter Elisabeth Rosenthal rode a bike from the city’s Velib bike sharing program without a helmet!

And she had an inspiration: bike ridership in the U.S. could increase if people didn’t wear helmets.

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Interbike 2012 Report, Part 1 | Road Bike Rider

I’m reasonably comfortable riding in traffic in familiar places. I know that if I behave like a vehicle, I’ll most likely be treated like one and given my turn. What I can’t count on is being seen. Nice summary of the distracted driving issue in this week’s RoadBikeRider.com newsletter.

Perhaps you’ve seen one of AT&T’s anti-texting-while-driving public service announcements on TV this year while watching cycling or other sporting events. One features the sister of a driver killed while texting her. Another features a young man working to overcome a brain injury suffered in a crash while texting.

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