Pacific Crest Trail tour

Pacific Crest Tour is a road bike event. It lasts 14 days. That’s a bit longer than I’d like to live out of a tent. Now about that average of 100 miles and 6,000 feet of climbing per day . . . .Corrie

Coach Fred recently returned home to Colorado after doing PacTours Pacific Crest Tour — 14 days, 1,509 miles 2,429 km and over 85,000 feet 25,908 m of climbing from Everett, Washington, to Reno, Nevada. Following is his description of PacTours first-ever tour in the Pacific Northwest.My wife and I drove to the start of the tour from Colorado with our tandem and stopped in Sisters, Oregon, to ride the north side of McKenzie Pass. Its beautiful, with a massive lava field on top and views of 4 or 5 volcano-like mountains in a circle around the pass. I was interested in the climb because we were slated to ride over it from the opposite side on a 120-mile day in the tour. Nothing like scouting the passes in advance!  I can see why Radio Shack pro Chris Horner lives in nearby Bend — beautiful roads and challenging terrain.

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Repeat gold performance by US woman at Olympics

Kirsten Armstrong–mom does eell. Corrie

2012 Olympic Cycling Schedule by Event – Schedule for Bike Racing Events at the 2012 London Olympics

Tour de France almost over? Where will you get your bicycling fix? How about the Olympics?–Corrie

Want to keep on top of all the Olympic bike racing events? Well, here’s the complete schedule for cycling events at the 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London, sorted by discipline. Click here if you want to see a daily schedule with precise start times of all events sorted by date

via 2012 Olympic Cycling Schedule by Event – Schedule for Bike Racing Events at the 2012 London Olympics.

RAPSody 2012 – Route Overview

In 2012 on Aust 25-26th I’ll be riding TRC’s on Tours the Lakes ride. But I’m ready to go back and do RAPsody next summer.

Cliff Mitchell and I did this route a couple of years ago and I said I wouldn’t returen. But that was when we had to take a Ferry from Tacoma to Gig harbor. We spent the best hour for cycling of the day, sitting watching the sunrise waiting for the next ferry. Oh, and Cliff and I were doing this 165 mile ride in one day.

But now the ride runs across the Tacoma Narrows bridge.  I recommend doing the two day option and overnighting in Shelton.

If your spouse, as does mine, longs for mountain views across open water, then this is the ride for you. Do it in two junks, 85 and 80. Hmm, those guys have been drinking the cool-aide. That still comes out to 165 miles. Oh, well. You’ll love it.


Day 1: 85 miles

Day 2: 80 miles

Total Miles: 165 miles

Day 1 Elevation Gain: 5,800 ft

Day 2 Elevation Gain: 3,800 ft

Approx Total Elevation Gain: 9,600 ft.

The Ride Around Puget Sound starts and ends at Tacoma Community College, where free overnight parking is provided. The route passes through Tacoma, Gig Harbor, Southworth, Port Orchard, Shelton, Olympia, Lacey, Fort Lewis, Steilacoom, University Place and lots of little towns you have never heard of but might want to go back and visit again some day.

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Bob Lee’s amazing bicycle adventure around the U.S. » Biking Bis

Because riding across the continent is for wlmps.–Corrie


Bob Lee plans to embark on the third and final leg of his perimeter bicycle travels — Ride for 3 Reasons — around the continental United States this fall to raise money for three charities.

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Englishman breaks record for around-the-world bicycle race » Biking Bis

Go ahead. Be impressed.–Corrie

In fact, Hall didn’t stop for much. News accounts describe a man with a single-minded resolve to ride 200 miles per day. That meant departing at sunrise every day and riding well into the evening hours, sometimes 10 or 11 at night.

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Kelly’s First Century


Head on over to the TRC website to check out a few pictures of the latest club century rider.

A year ago, Kelly and her mother were just joining us on ice cream rides. Now Kelly, several pounds lighter, lots of spinning miles behind her, has accomplished her very first century.

The ride, I Made the Beach, looks kind of fun too.–Corrie

Home – Twin Rivers Cyclists.

From flab to fabulous: Utah cyclist racing across the country | The Salt Lake Tribune

Here’s an encouraging story though I don’t think I’ll ever want to race across America. Yeah, that race in June that was marred by a death last year. No deaths in this story, though.–Corrie

It would have been impossible, in other words, to envision riding her bike across the United States.

“I could not even imagine,” she said.

Yet here she is, a decade later — a lean, mean, 130-pound cycling machine who hopes to help her team break an age-group record in the annual Race Across America in June.

via From flab to fabulous: Utah cyclist racing across the country | The Salt Lake Tribune.

Bike for Life, Moscow Idaho

I had no idea how much was going on in Moscow related to bicycling throughout the months of April and May.–Corrie

This is our fourth year celebrating National Bike Month in Moscow, Idaho.  We call the event Bike for Life since it is a great way to travel all year long and at every stage of life,  not just in May.

See the contact page for more information about volunteering to help with events and planning.

All riding abilities are welcome to join the cycling events listed below…

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Bicycle Alliance of Washington: Sign up for the National Bike Challenge

Join the Twin Rivers Cyclists Team and start scoring your miles today. You’d be surprised how motivating something like this can be on those iffy days when you’d like to ride but oh, you’re so tired . . .Corrie

The National Bike Challenge – a free nationwide competition meant to encourage biking for transportation and recreation – starts May 1 and runs through August 31, 2012, and gives individuals and teams the opportunity to log their miles and compete for prizes and award plaques on the local and national levels. The Challenge has already registered riders from all 50 states and DC.  This event is organized by the League of American Bicyclists, Bikes Belong, Kimberly-Clark Corporation, and Endomondo.

via Bicycle Alliance of Washington: Sign up for the National Bike Challenge.

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