Lewiston Bike Commuters

Map showing prooposed path route

Here’s a link to a google map of the area.

Vineyard Drive curves south at the bottom and that’s 14th street going north. The proposed path is to the left of 14th along a line of trees and shrubs.

Lynn Moss, Lewiston Parks and REC,  approached me with a proposal for a separated bike path from Vineyard Dr parallelling 14th Street all the way to Modie Park on 21st Avenue west of the Lewiston Shopping Center.

I’m not a commuter and don’t live where any of these streets are routes for me. I confess that I thought he was proposing a path that would get commuters from the bench into the Orchards. From studying the maps, I’d say it is more an effort to get commuters off 14th and !7th Streets.

I think that is a worthy effort, but I can’t speak to the number of bike commuters who use those two streets or whether they’d want to take a trail that while free of automobile traffic is almost a quarter of a mile long with a pitch of more than 10% rising to a couple hundred feet at 16%.

It is important to note that this is just a draft proposal and right-of-way needs to be acquired. Also note that this trail would connect to 8th street which a cyclist could use to get onto the Southway bike path and down to the levy system.

Take Action: So, if you are a bike commuter, Lynn wants to hear from you. Would you use such a separated facility even if it meant dismounting a pushing the steepest sections? Contact Lynn at Parks and Rec. LMoss@Cityoflewiston.org



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