This helmet is claimed to have greater impact protection than that styrofoam lid you are sporting. –Corrie

Want a matching helmet to go with that cardboard bike we mentioned earlier this year? Wish granted! An art student at the Royal College of Art designed Kranium, a bicycle helmet made from cardboard.

via Corrugated Cardboard Bike Helmet : Discovery News.


Ride Of My Life : the story of the bicycle. – YouTube

From the bone-braker to the modern frame, this video covers it all with a special focus on the British origins of the bike. Among the hhighlights are the visit to the Brooks saddle factory and vulcaizing your own tires.–Corrie


Ride Of My Life : the story of the bicycle. – YouTube.

Bike Touring Australia

Doesn’t look fun to me. Get a load of the load on that bike.–Corrie

How to Panic Stop

LAB calls this the quick-stop and we do gentle practice on pavement usually with one or two spotters, but if you really want to master it, you’ll want to follow these steps.–Corrie

You’re riding down the street when a giant SUV suddenly pulls out from a stop sign. The shocked driver sees you and slams on the brakes. Now the road is blocked. Swerving won’t help. What can you do to avoid running headlong into a sheet-metal wall?

via Issue No. 556: What’s on Tap for 2013 | Road Bike Rider.

Bar Mitts a Great Alternative to Thick Gloves

Marilyn showed up for a Saturday ride with these ungainly looking bar mits on her handlebars. My hands got cold; for Marilyn, it was her feet. Decide for yourself.–corrie



Bar Mitts a Great Alternative to Thick Gloves

When temperatures drop below freezing, it can take a mighty thick pair of gloves or mittens to keep your hands warm. Thick hand coverings make it difficult to shift and almost impossible to reach and grasp objects in jersey pockets or your gear bag.

via Issue No. 556: What’s on Tap for 2013 | Road Bike Rider.

The Bike Nazi: Not-so-safe safety equipment

Linda and I were driving up 13th after 10pm Saturday night. It is a wide avenue with a parking lane on each side. In addition there are street lights on each corner. But the blocks are long and darkneess fills the middle. What I saw was the reflective pedals on a cruiser bike riding in the gutter.

An older man rode the bike wearing dark clothes and no helmet. He was in the gutter/parking lane rather than on the sidewalk but he was traveling at sidewalk speed.

Probably the sidewalk would have been a safer place to ride but then he didn’t have a headlight either so sidewalks which tend to have mailboxes and driveway cuts at irregular intervals would have been unmanageable.

If he came upon a parked car, I’m sure he’d have looked carefully behind him before riding around it. But if your bike is your transportation, why wouldn’t you light it up?

The law doesn’t require you to have a helmet, but it does require a bright white front light and a red reflector in the rear. He had neither.–Corrie

The days are short and the nights are long. (Global darkening?) As I was bicycling in to work this morning – in almost-dark – I caught an occasional glimpse up ahead of a red light. I assumed it was a taillight on another bicycle. And I was right.

via The Bike Nazi: Not-so-safe safety equipment.

Legal Program/Bike Laws

Here’s a nice readable summary of each state law regarding bicycles. It is not the actual law, however, so you might want to visit each state’s own website to read the original code. For most purposes this should be more than adequaste. Easy to use and read. –Corrie

Riding a bike is a healthy, fun and safe activity. However, it isn’t without some risk. The following information highlights areas of law that may minimize that risk and have the potential to reduce conflicts between bikes and cars (and other traffic).

via League of American Bicyclists * Legal Program/Bike Laws.

Watch This: Certified Versus Non Certified Helmet Impact Testing – Bike Rumor

As a guy who went down and lost a few minutes of memory, you don’t have to sell me on the necessity of a helmet. But there are helmets out there that are old or have never been certified. Does that matter?–Corrie


The non-certified helmet being tested is an extremely popular helmet amongst the skatepark and BMX set. Heck, many of my close friends, riding buddies, and loved ones choose to wear the non-certified Bucky Lasek Classic ProTec helmet shown in the video. Many of my other riding buddies also wear non-certified but retro cool helmets and the bottom line is they aren’t safe.

via Watch This: Certified Versus Non Certified Helmet Impact Testing – Bike Rumor.

Collapsible Bike Repair Stand – BikeHacks

You don’t have to be a bike mechanic to need a repair stand. The stand makes regular maintenance, cleaning the chain, changing a tire, washing your bike, easier. If you are handy, you can likely make a serviceable repair stand. For the rest of us a couple of hundred bucks is not too much to spend.–Corrie


Repair stands are a common search term on Bike Hacks and we have seen our fair share of sweet DIY submissions.  Ideas include bike stands that are:

via Collapsible Bike Repair Stand – BikeHacks.

Here’s How to Turn 70 | Bike Noob

Take this, you 40 year olds.–Corrie

Perhaps their best known is a fellow named Ken Bonner, who has a lifetime of accomplishments on the bike. He regularly turns in some of the fastest times on the club’s randonnees. But it was only recently I learned that he’s just turned 70 years of age.

via Here’s How to Turn 70 | Bike Noob.

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